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Hair Transplant in Fresno CA – Best in Area

Hair loss is a common problem that can be caused due to poor diet, stress, medical conditions and more. You can consider other surgeries for hair restoration. For example, scalp expansion, flap surgery, etc. In most cases, hair transplant surgery is the most effective way to restore the loss. It is the most recommended solution for challenges like male pattern baldness. However, when you consider your fresno hair transplant surgery, you need to know all nuances of this procedure. Important aspects of hair restoration surgery are pre-op care, candidacy criteria, post-operative instructions and transplant techniques. But, most crucial part is the procedure itself. So, let’s explore the surgical procedure in detail through this article.

The Best Hair Transplant in Fresno CA

Step 1: Selecting and Harvesting

Hair transplant treatment relocates hair from the donor site to the recipient site – the balding region of the head. Surgeons can transplant small group of follicles or single follicle on recipient site with microsurgery. So, a donor area is selected based on hair density and other aspects. Then, this site is harvested as hair-bearing grafts, which is a cluster of hair. Different types of grafts are considered in a fresno ca hair transplant treatment. For example, punch grafts, mini-grafts, micro-grafts, round or square grafts, slip grafts and strip grafts.

Step 2: Closing

The donor site is closed with medical sutures after removing the graft. These sutures can be removed after 10 days.

Step 3: Preparing and transplanting

The donor tissue is prepared for fresno ca hair transplant treatment. The hair grafts are grouped into suitable hair follicle units as per the recipient site/s. Mostly, these hair follicle units contain one to three hair. Then, local anesthesia is administered. Then a micro-incision is made in recipient site of your head, where these hair follicle units are transplanted. The right angle and depth allow this part to exude the natural look. Therefore, close attention is required for the transplant creation. Once all units are transplanted, your hair restoration surgery is complete.

picture of fresno hair transplant

Different types of Fresno hair transplant treatments 

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): A less time is required in this treatment as a strip of scalp is dissected into individual grafts by the scalp from the back of the head. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): It is a painless method as numbing injections are given to the patient. It takes more time than FUT. In this method, individual grafts are taken one by one from the head with the help of specialized machine in order to remove them.

The method in both the treatments is almost same. A new hair starts growing within 2 months after the treatment and it takes almost nine months to get completed. After the fresno hair transplant treatment, your hair grows normally and can be cut whenever you want. The number of sittings required in this treatment depends on the size and number of grafts to be used and how much area of the scalp is to be treated. Thus the cost of the treatment depends upon the number of sittings.


For a majority of patients who have undergone hair transplantation in Minneapolis or anywhere else, the benefits outweigh any potential risks. Nevertheless, during the appointment with your surgeon prior to the procedure, all facets will be discussed to help you make an informed decision.

One of the most visible benefits of fresno hair transplant surgery is improved appearance. Through the re-appearance of hair, you will be given a younger-looking and fresh appearance. These benefits will have a favorable impact on your work and social interactions. It is a known fact that hair loss can make one look considerably older than their true age.

Another attractive benefit of hair transplant surgery in Minneapolis is the improvement of self-esteem. When a person experiences hair loss, the appearance of age comes on, making that person feel very low in self-esteem. However, with hair transplantation surgery, you are given back your beautiful head of hair with a younger-looking appearance. This restores the lost self-esteem, makes life much happier and opens up new opportunities.

Risks and Side Effects

Similar to other surgeries, it is common to find risks and side effects with hair transplantation as well. These risks are mostly found during the healing time following the procedure. Although the occurrence of this is very small, skin infection can be triggered. However, it can be quickly and easily treated. Other risks from a hair transplant surgery in Minneapolis are specific to the procedure, making them not suitable to be labeled as medical risks.

A common side effect of fresno hair transplant surgery is the feeling of numbness in the transplanted or donor areas. However, this effect is temporary and you should expect this to be gone after about two or three months following the procedure. Moreover, even though it is not a medical risk, you should know that there’s a small chance of some transplanted hair not surviving the procedure. During your consultations with the surgeon, a detailed discussion of risks and side effects will take place so that you have a complete idea of the procedure you are about to undergo.

Fresno Hair transplant surgery is rapidly growing in demand due to its major benefits to people, this has led to the rapid establishment of hair sugary clinics in some countries like India, India is known for providing good medical facilities at reasonable rates. India also becomes very popular among the other countries for transplant. There are many public and private hospitals/clinics. Make a wide search, compare their prices, get reviews from the patients, check for the availability of the doctors and choose the best hair transplant clinics.

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